Commissioning me automatically creates a level of trust between us. I understand this, and I will honour this agreement, especially in terms of maintaining a high level of courtesy. Whether that means showing up 10 minutes early, returning phone calls and e-mails, or dressing appropriately. I consider myself a professional first, an artist second, and I act accordingly.


I believe it is absolutely vital you believe in my technical competence if you are considering hiring me. Of course, the best background check you can do on me is to check my portfolio, but especially if your project is of a commercial nature, I encourage you to send me an email and I will send you a brochure tailored exactly for your requirements.


My goal is to always be an asset for you. I got into photography because I genuinely enjoy the challenges that come with this wonderful job, so being commissioned is not something I just want to get over with. And I would love to prove it every single time. Working extra hours, taking last-minute assignments, or re-shooting. I’m always happy to do it.

What My Clients Say

Michal Bernath - Excimer Marketing Manager

"Martin demonstrated a wonderful and very much sought-after can-do attitude, a great deal of professionalism, and last but not least, a high-level of technical competence. Hundreds of our customers are using the products Martin created for us, and we could not be happier about our partnership. "


Claudia Tran - ID Space Team Coordinator

"Martin demonstrated a high degree of integrity, responsibility and his sense of detail for the job he is doing. As a Project Manager at the youth NGO ID Space Team, I have had plenty of opportunities to cooperate with various professional freelance photographers as well as photo agencies, but among them all, Martin has proven to deserve the top spot from the pool of all of them. Mostly for his preciseness, kindness, willingness to advise and promptness. "


Monika Paliatkova - Gordon Event Management

"It is one of our company’s most central policies to consistently put a great effort into a careful choice of who we partner with. Therefore we are very happy that we got to work with Martin Cervenansky. His photographic work contributed to the big success of an important event from our production, and we will always look forward to working together with such a talented photographer."